Friday, March 2, 2012

Don't let it rain.. I mean sprinkle!

There will be a floor amendment to a bill, HB 2659 by Representative Fred Jordan,that will prohibit a municipality from mandating residential fire sprinklers in one- and two-family dwellings.  We were successful in getting the fire sprinkler mandate removed from the statewide building code, but it was left in the appendix.  That meant that a city could put the code in their requirements.  Our amendment would prohibit such an action.  This is critical to our industry as we have already had to fight this issue in a couple of towns.  Let's say NO to mandated fire sprinklers!

Oklahoma City will have a public hearing on MARCH 27, to consider this mandate...  Let's have our voice heard!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Special Election Results

On February 14, Oklahoma voters went to the polls in four legislative special elections. Voters in two of those districts will head to the polls again on April 3 to decide the ultimate winners. In the other two races, Rep. Al McAffrey was elected to serve as a State Senator in District 46 and Curtis McDaniel was elected the State Representative for District 1.

In House District 71, which is located in Tulsa, Katie Henke won the Republican primary with 77% of the vote. Dan Arthrell won the Democratic primary with 85% of the vote in that district. The two will face off on the April 3 General Election.

In Senate District 20, which is comprised of Logan, Noble, Pawnee, and Kingfisher Counties, AJ Griffin won the Republican nomination with 40% of the vote. The primary was winner-take-all since special elections do not have run-offs. Griffin will face Democrat Magnus Scott in the April 3 election. 

To see the complete results of these four special elections and school board elections that were also held on February 14, click here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New ward boundaries for the City’s eight wards were adopted by City Council. The boundaries took effect on September 30.

City Council members for each ward are as follows:
Ward 1 Gary Marrs, Ward 2 Ed Shadid, Ward 3 Larry McAtee, Ward 4 Pete White, Ward 5 David Greenwell, Ward 6 Meg Salyer, Ward 7 Skip Kelly and Ward 8 Pat Ryan.

Approved Ward Map